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Camberley Bates

Talking Applications—with Converged Technology Purchases

In my recent tour of discussions, converged is one of the latest buzz words.  Frankly, I usually poo-poo buzz words, but in this case I am a proponent because this one has distinct value.  Converged as we see it includes … Continued

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Leah Schoeb

Dot Hill Analyst Day 2013

The Dot Hill 2013 Analyst Day was very informative about their latest technology and direction. Many people don’t recognize the Dot Hill name because they are an OEM storage provider. For those not familiar with Dot Hill, they have had … Continued

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John Webster

Who Saves Everything? blog by John Webster

If you were to ask the average enterprise data center administrator how long their organization save its data, the quick answer would be “forever.”  It’s been that way for years, in fact decades. Knowingly throwing away data is something that … Continued

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Randy Kerns

What storage features add value – Search Storage blog by Randy Kerns

Looking at advanced features is always a critical step when reviewing storage systems because of the value these features bring.  There are a large number of storage system-based features, and variations exist between different vendor implementations. But taking a step … Continued

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Russ Fellows

It’s Not about the Protocol

Recently, I inadvertently became involved in a tweet fest, kicked off because a group of people believed I was attacking their protocol of choice.  To devoted followers, a protocol is akin to religion, something that requires devotion and defense at … Continued

Why 2*8 ≠16

Sometimes the ways we expect things to work just don’t match up with the science.  Our common sense is a collection of our experiences, providing expectations as to how the world works. Some phenomena are visible and easily observed.  Other … Continued

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