From product strategy to market awareness and lead generation, our vendor clients rely on us for straight-forward analysis, competitive insight and our professional IT experience. We design services to meet the needs of product marketing/management and sales professionals, offering both project-related engagements and annual subscriptions.

Evaluator Series™ Research

Evaluator Series ™ Research (ESR) provides an independent market trend and product analysis of market. We know that it is often difficult to find critical competitive information that distinguishes between marketing hyperbole and factual information. Our independent and technically-informed approach delivers comparative analysis and market trend identification that our vendor clients trust. When combined with Evaluator Group RapidResponse™, field sales and competitive support professionals have the tools to understand market positioning and deliver product value statements with timely and accurate data.

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Competitive Support

At the core of the Evaluator Group vendor business model  is competitive support for product management and field sales. We combine the ESR offering that features our independent trend and product analysis with RapidResponse™ Advisory Services to provide insight into planning and sales efforts.

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Advanced Storage Education

Evaluator Group education is designed for IT professionals and vendors who want to gain more insight into storage trends, and architectures and compare current product offerings. We host both public and private classes. Vendors who attend our public classes greatly appreciate the in-depth understanding of products in the market and hearing directly from the end users who also attend. Past attendees from vendor organizations have included Product Management, Product Marketing, Competitive Analysis, Sales (including resellers) and SE’s.

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Strategic and Advisory Services

Evaluator Group’s technical background, independent ESR and IT professional consulting practice offers expertise and insight for vendors engaged in strategic planning and execution.

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Product to Market Services

Once product strategy and solution development have been defined, the “go to market strategy” needs concrete definition and deliverables. Evaluator Group assists in developing direct and indirect channel strategies, then communicating the value proposition to sales, channel partners and end users. This includes solution guides, validations, and external communications that leverage our industry expertise.

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Validation & Testing

Evaluator Group’s technical background, independent Evaluator Series™ Research and IT professional consulting practice brings expertise and insight for vendor engaged in strategic planning and execution.

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