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February Newsletter

February 2015 Newsletter

- Blog: Why I Love VVols – And You Will Too 
- Webinar: “Storage Virtualization & SDS: An Intimate Relationship”
- Research: Test Validation-Application Performance & QoS
- Webinar: “Storage for Big Data: It’s Way More Than Just JBODs and DAS” 





January Newsletter

 January 2015 Newsletter

- Research: Top 10 IT Strategy Considerations for 2015 
- Research: Free Solid State Workbook
Blog: What happened to the promise of faster flash performance?
- Blog: It is time for Hadoop alternatives?





December Newsletter

December 2014 Newsletter

- Top 5 Blog Posts of the Year
- Top 5 Free Downloads of the Year
- Blog: Storage networking catching up to SSD performance
- Blog: Software defined storage disruption? Commodity storage refuses to be made commodity
- Blog: How storage controllers differ 








Nov Newsletter

November 2014 Newsletter

- Research: EMC Hybrid Cloud Client Advisory Note
- Research: NetApp’s Data Fabric Strategy Review
- Research: Defining Requirements for Tier-One Arrays
- Blog: Whose making the storage decisions now? 
- Blog: Calculating capacity utilization can be challenging





October Newsletter

October 2014 Newsletter

- Photos: Advanced Storage Education, Oct. 2014
- Research: 15 New Solid State Product Analyses 
 Blog: Using Server Benchmarks to Measure Storage Performance
- Blog: Accelerate applications with virtual SAN
- Blog: A look at access methods for open systems and mainframes






Sept 2014 Newsletter

September 2014 Newsletter Highlights

Industry Insight: Storage System Generations
 Video: Virtual SAN Announcement
- Event: Advanced Storage Education class, Oct. 7-9 in Boulder
 Blog: Data, To Own or Not To Own 






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August 2014 Newsletter Highlights

- Blog: TCO for Software Defined Storage
- Blog: The Next Storage Management War
- Blog: Categorizing Solid State Systems 





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July 2014 Newsletter Highlights 

 -Video: Free Trial of IOMark Software
- Research: Review of EMC Announcements (free)
- Blog: SanDisk/Fusion-io Acquisition Coverage
Blog: Hack of a Day 






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June 2014 Newsletter Highlights

- Research: Measuring Performance of Solid State Storage Arrays
 Blog: Bench-marketing (or Iometer magic workloads
 Video: Expanded SRM Product Coverage
 Reviews of Analyst Events: IBM Edge, HDS Influencer Summit, NetApp, and Fusion-io





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May 2014 Newsletter Highlights

-Video: Cool Technology Analyst Roundtable
-Blog: Redefining EMC-More than a marketing term
-Blog: Object Storage as a common denominator
-Research: Redefined Impressions of EMC World 2014

-Research: Working in a VMWare environment
-Research: Working in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment 





April 2014 Newsletter Highlights

-Video: Advanced Storage Education Wrap Up 
-Blog: Who saves everything?
-Blog: What storage features add value?
-Research: Object Storage Use Cases





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March 2014 Newsletter Highlights

-Blog: Defining storage virtualization
-Blog: It’s not about the protocol
Research: IOmark-VM HP 2040 Benchmark Report